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High Sierra
Getting ready in 3 steps
macOS High Sierra is still used on millions of Macs and there are a few things you should know: The first, what are the installation requirements? And the second, how can you prepare your Mac for macOS High Sierra?

Which Mac models are compatible with High Sierra? These ones.

Late 2009 or newer
MacBook Pro
Mid 2010 or newer
MacBook Air
Late 2010 or newer
12-inch, early 2015 or newer
Mac Pro
Mid 2010 or newer
Mac Mini
Mid 2010 or newer
Late 2009 or newer

Software and hardware requirements:

OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 or higher
4 GB (preferably 8 GB) of RAM
15-20 GB of free space on drive

Should I do anything
before upgrading?

Two simple things: clean up your Mac and then back it up.

Check Your Hard Drive

macOS High Sierra approaches disk storage in a new way. Compared to previous versions, it favors cleaner hard drive for better performance, so first check what’s taking up your space before upgrading.

Clean Up Your Mac

The fresh OS needs a fresh Mac. It’s recommended that you remove large and old files from your disk and install macOS High Sierra on a cleaner hard drive. The easiest (and fastest) way to free up your memory is by running a scan with CleanMyMac 3.  It cleans out:

System junk

Unused apps

Unnecessary extensions

Browser caches

Large & old files

iTunes broken  downloads

Old iOS updates

User caches & logs

Copies of Mail attachments

CleanMyMac can find as much as 62 GB of junk (based on average scan results). But besides cleaning, it speeds up your Mac with maintenance scripts and keeps hardware safe with Health Monitors. Get CleanMyMac 3 now and run a scan to see how much junk you can clean up.

Download CleanMyMac 3
Notarized by Apple

If you have OS X version 10.8, download the previous version, CleanMyMac Classic.

Back Up Your Mac

And now that your Mac is clean, you should definitely back it up. Why? You never know what will happen when upgrading your operating system. Plus, it’s just good practice to back it up every so often, you know, just in case.

  • Go to yourSystem Preferences folder. 
  • Select Time Machine.
  • “Select Backup Disk…”
    You may need to first choose to “Set Up Time Machine.”
  • Choose where you’d like to store your backup.
    An external drive or an Airport Time Capsule is good.

After you’ve chosen drive, please force Time Machine to start backup by selecting Time Machine icon from the Main Menu and selecting Back Up Now.

That’s all. Happy time with macOS High Sierra!

We hope this guide has helped you!

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